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"The Safest Line of Efficient Disinfecting and Cleaning Products"
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Our vision at Orbeco Inc. is based on the long term. Our focus is clearly stated by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) which warns that Indoor Air Quality is the United's States number one environmental health problem.

We truly believe YOU can make a difference in choosing a line of carpet cleaning product that will…

CLEAN efficiently

PROTECT you and your maintenance staff from negatives effects due to harsh chemicals (skin irritations, asthma etc…)

PRESERVE the environment


At Orbeco Inc., all our products are certified EFFICIENT and SAFE by renowned international independent organizations. Our team of chemists, researchers and biologists strive to find and elaborate products that will solve some of our modern life ills and its by-products.Your testimonials mean a lot and we thank you for them.

After acquiring 15 years of experience in Europe and acting on those principles, Orbeco, Inc, has been able to gain the confidence and clientele of major hotel chains, airports, hospitals, universities, convention centers, cities, schools, etc..

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